You know that feeling when the world around you is acting strange but that hand on your head, the warmth of a lap keeps you going? You know that feeling of looking for that specific taste of nostalgia, childhood and insane love that your grandmother showered on you through her food?

That’s what Neeru’s Kitchen is all about.

It all started with an enterprising woman who wanted to do more, be more. It started in the backyard of a house that has now become a space of succulent aroma and happy chatter.

Neeru’s Kitchen is the joy that comes out of bringing two worlds together. On one hand are forlorn, modernised us, in our big city lives, still craving for “dadi ma’s” pickle. And on the other hand are these amazing, beautiful women, who have so much goodness and love in their cooking to offer!

Neeru’s Kitchen brings together women who have been marginalized by fate and society and helps them put together their talents of cooking and making traditional food that the young generation only dreams of far away from home!

Neeru’s Kitchen is a proud, not for profit family, that is run with passion, love and the good old “nani and dadi”’s culinary magic!

From Pickles to Papad, traditional food is brought to you with love and blessings!


Our vision is to bring together worlds that have fallen apart with distance and misfortune. Neeru’s kitchen envisages to bring economic and social strength in the lives of people it touches, whether it is through employment, connections or simply lip-smacking flavours!


Our mission is to bring a box of love at every doorstep where there’s a craving of nostalgia, a hunger pang for homemade nick-nacks, or a simple need for nani-dadi’s pampering. It’s a super bonus that every box also brings lots of happiness and blessings from the power-women who prepare them.

Guiding Principles

Neeru’s Kitchen is inspired by love, kindness and an undying do-good, be good spirit.

Our flavours are guided with just as much honesty in quality as they are in the safety!

We believe in due diligence and pursuit of excellence, with choicest organic ingredients, ground and prepared right at home, just like your grandma would!

The kitchen, just like our heart, is driven with purity and equality, supporting all women who work in it with love, respect and independence.

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